Jan 13, 2013

A lucky 13th edition of Things Discussed at the Brewhaus

Just because I’m celebrating my own personal “No Booze January,” I’m not exempt from partaking in some serious debates among drinking buddies.  Here are a lucky 13 topics recently discussed among a drink or two (or more recently, none, in my case):

  • Why do some drunk people repeat themselves like a broken record?
  • Suffering from a bout of diarrhea in the Brewhaus bathroom – one man’s personal nightmare
  • The difference between hitting a deer and the deer hitting you
  • The impact of a low interest rate environment on wealth distribution
  • One of the rules for happy living – never turn down a mint
  • Hitting on hot chicks – when it’s actually better to be sorry than safe, the exception to the rule
  • Lamenting the demise of Stuckey’s restaurants in the South
  • The difference between a scarf, an ascot and a cravat
  • The history of the condom and how the British improved upon it by replacing goat intestines with sheep intestines
  • The politically incorrect genius and legacy of Foster Brooks
  • Why nobody vacations in Des Moines, Iowa
  • Regular sexual activity as a cure for surliness
  • The criteria used to determine the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize (and how in the world did Yasser Arafat once qualify, anyway?)
There you have it … Look for a fabulous 14th edition in the next month or two … probably depending on when my self-imposed exile from imbibing in spirits comes to an end.   

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I love the hitting on hot chicks and the exception to the rule. Lol -Bucko

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