Dec 25, 2017

Get a speakeasy feeling from Skull’s Rainbow Room, Nashville, Tenn.

Even commoners surviving on small budgets have to reward themselves with a special meal now and then, so when my co-workers mutually decided to celebrate the end of our two-month assignment in Nashville, Tenn., for a celebratory meal, we settled on a spot in downtown’s historic Printers Alley which is known as much for its striptease as its steaks – Skull’s Rainbow Room.

It seemed like a slightly unusual choice at the time given the diversity of our crowd, but we went for the beef rather than the burlesque, so if you’re looking for a review of the entertainment, you’ll be disappointed you clicked here.  But even if you try Skull’s for the steaks and not the striptease (OK, I admit I was a little disappointed we couldn’t stick around for a show), I think you’ll have a terrific time. 

For starters, Skull’s Rainbow Room is a physical testament to the seedier side of the history of Nashville’s entertainment scene.  As it turns out, the establishment’s original owner and namesake had many famous friends and acquaintances pass through his club – and its appeal went way beyond the classic country and western scene. 

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