Jun 23, 2011

A Commoner Reviews Bardog Tavern

I thought I’d start picking up some loose ends and cover items I hadn’t found room for in earlier blogs.  I also wanted to start a series of reviews of certain dives, restaurants, etc., I’ve visited recently.  First on that list is the Bardog Tavern in downtown Memphis, Tenn.

Jun 8, 2011

A sampling of SOHO

I find it somewhat hard to believe this humble blog has followers, so I’ve been surprised by a few people who’ve actually asked where I’ve been lately.  Well, the primary occupier of my time last weekend was my annual volunteer work at the SOHO Music Festival. 

For those unfamiliar with SOHO, it’s a two-day music festival that showcases local bands.  To my knowledge, it’s always held the first weekend of June and is usually located on Washington Street between 5th and 6th Street in downtown Springfield, with the Old State Capitol as its backdrop.  It’s the brainchild of Eric Welch, with profits going to a charitable cause, which for the past five years has been the Mini O’Beirne Crisis Nursery. 

A commoner dines at Baumgartner’s Cheese Store and Tavern, Monroe, Wis.

I wasn’t sure a place existed that could be the perfect representation of Wisconsin life, but then I traveled through Monroe, Wis., one week...