Nov 27, 2012

A commoner reviews Pig on Beale, Memphis, Tenn.

With the Thanksgiving holiday behind us, I decided to start catching up on blogging, particularly since I had an extensive road trip to Memphis and New Orleans that brought me many new ideas for posts.  One idea came from the dinner my group and I had our first night on the road at the Pig on Beale. 

Nov 18, 2012

A 12th Edition of Things Discussed At the Brewhaus

Sometimes great conversations starters for nights (or days) of drinking just come naturally.  Sometimes they stem from topical events of the day.  Other times, they are thrust upon you from someone’s entirely twisted imagination.  With that in mind, I dedicate this blog entry to Cory Hoedebeke, without whom many of these discussions would have never gotten off the ground. 

In recognition of the 12th edition of “Things Discusses At the Brewhaus,” here a dozen items pondered over several pints.  Ok, it’s actually ten, but one is a three-parter:

Nov 2, 2012

Road back from Wrigleyville

It was pointed out to me last night that I have been quite neglectful with my blog lately, so here’s my attempt to get a little caught up before I hit the road once again to New Orleans.  Fresh blogging material awaits!

Anyway, much like my friend Kent and I did on the drive up to Chicago last summer, we devoted part of the trip back to Springfield, Ill., to exploring a few more bars, taverns and watering holes along the way.

Our first stop, though, was back to the Stonehouse Pub for their Sunday Bloody Mary special.  I stated earlier that they sold us on making a return trip when we stopped on the way up, and yes, it was worth it.  Kent also refueled his recovery with a very tasty Reuben sandwich. In fact, I believe his exact quote was, “Man, that’s a tasty Reuben sandwich!”  I may be using a little artistic license here. But he did boast about it.

Onward to Lockport, Ill., which we ran out of time for on the way up.  Lockport is just north of Joliet, nestled on the Des Plaines River.  It always seems like a nice town for a pit stop whenever I drive through and am avoiding the interstate.  Based on some kind words on the Internet, we decided to try Jackie’s Pub.

Meh … nothing special here.  It seemed like a nice enough locals’ hangout, but we just weren’t feeling it.

A commoner dines at Baumgartner’s Cheese Store and Tavern, Monroe, Wis.

I wasn’t sure a place existed that could be the perfect representation of Wisconsin life, but then I traveled through Monroe, Wis., one week...