Mar 16, 2022

Get your Irish on year-round at Finn McCool’s, New Orleans, La.

In a city known for its abundance of drinking establishments of all shapes, sizes and varieties, it should not surprise anyone that Irish-themed pubs are pretty easy to find in New Orleans.  The French Quarter alone has several I’m fond of, including Molly’s at the Market, Erin Rose and the Kerry Irish Pub, just to name a few. 

But my favorite Irish pub in New Orleans – and perhaps one of the most authentic – isn’t anywhere touristy at all.  Instead, you’ll find it on the corner of Telemachus Street and Banks Boulevard anchoring a wonderful section of the city’s Mid-City neighborhood.  In fact, Punky and I no longer consider a trip to Nola complete without a stop at this always-festive local watering hole. 

Welcome to Finn McCool’s Irish Pub

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