Dec 7, 2020

Life’s many beaches on Jekyll Island, Ga.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to halt travel as of this writing, and with a long winter homebound seeming more and more likely, if we can’t plan ahead for future travel we might as well look back at some of favorite travel memories.  

For me, my favorite destination in 2019, and the highlight of our family vacation during that summer, had to be Jekyll Island, Ga.  What drew us there?  Beaches.  Ocean.  Salty air.  Warm breezes.  Summer skies.  All in a relatively low-key semi-secluded setting. 

Jekyll Island is one of the four barrier islands off the Atlantic coast of Georgia that comprise the Golden Isles.  Jekyll is the southernmost and perhaps the most famous of the four because of its combination of beautiful beaches, historical significance and old-money charm.  That said, a trip to Jekyll Island is surprisingly affordable, and the island itself is quite accessible. 

While it might be possible to fly directly into one of the small airports serving Jekyll Island or nearby Brunswick on the Georgia coast, the vast majority (like us) will drive to Brunswick via Interstate 95.  Then, it’s a short drive on U.S. Highway 17 from either direction until you reach the intersection for Georgie Highway 520, also known as the Jekyll Island Causeway. 

The sign at the intersection, fountain included, can’t be missed. 

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