Jan 18, 2023

Making the best of a weekend at Baker’s Sunset Bay Resort, Wisconsin Dells, Wis.

This is in some ways a story of a Wisconsin getaway that didn’t go quite as planned.  Punky and I had intended to take the Kiddo back to Wisconsin Dells for a long weekend of tourist trap fun combined with some much-needed rest and relaxation.  My job was to secure the lodging, which meant finding something family friendly that wasn’t loud or overcrowded.  Those megaresorts near the interstate and along the main highways were off limits.  But so was anything Punky or the Kiddo might have deemed too rustic. 

My Google mapping eventually led me to focus on the area surrounding Lake Delton south of town.  There, on the lake’s south shore, I chose Baker’s Sunset Bay Resort. 

Then, the Kiddo uncharacteristically backed out of the trip to stay with her grandparents instead.  No matter.  Punky and I were still guaranteed to have fun, right?  Well, mostly.

Baker’s Sunset Bay Resort is located on Canyon Road, which roughly follow the outline of the Lake Delton’s southern shoreline.  The road can be directly accessed from U.S. Highway 12 (aka the Wisconsin Dells Parkway just north of Exit 92 from the interstate.  It’s a brief five-minute drive from the parkway to the resort.  Look for the sign out front as you approach a clearing atop a hill and among the pines.  

You’ll see an expansive parking lot with several outlying buildings and a lengthier hotel-shaped structure toward the back.  The outlying buildings are mostly condo units reserved for larger families and/or lengthier stays.  The main hotel houses mostly short-term guests and is where we made our reservation. 

From the inside, the hotel portion of the resort looks ever so slightly dated, as you can tell it’s the original building to the resort.  But the owners have kept it in excellent condition. 

We booked a double queen deluxe room with a lakeside view for two nights.  Yes, the drapes, bedding and furnishings appeared to have remained unchanged from a much earlier decade, but to me that was part of the charm.

The kitchenette by the entrance was small but had everything you’d need to warm up leftovers or a quick breakfast.

And, as advertised, the view from our balcony overlooked Lake Delton.   Well, maybe a partial view.  But the property’s full beach was also in view …

… as well as the resort’s outdoor pool.  

The beach itself was smaller than I had imagined, but the resort seemingly put every square inch to good use. 

Punky and I were ready to settle in, chill on our balcony and watch the evening go by.

Then, the guests in the suite below us showed up.  A large family of kids.  With an overexuberant dad.  And the largest boom box I’ve seen since the 1990s.  And he was more than eager to use it and share his musical tastes with everyone, which was an odd blend of Latino hip hop, heavy metal and Southern rock.  We left for dinner hoping for a quieter atmosphere when we returned, but no luck.  Fortunately, the cocktails we had helped us not care as much.  Besides, tomorrow would be different, right? 

Tomorrow did begin on a much more tranquil note, so I decided to roam around the premises before Punky and I headed out to explore on an agenda-free day (we later discovered Baraboo Bluff Winery south of the Dells, which I highly recommend for its views as well as its wines). 

Aside from the beachfront, Baker’s Sunset Bay Resort’s other entertainment options also center around providing family-friendly fun.   The indoor pool was a nice touch, especially for families with rambunctious kids who can’t get enough of the slides at the Dells’ numerous water parks.  The pool got a lot more use in the evenings when the temperature cooled down outside.

Then there was the arcade room set out among the condo units. This was surprisingly underutilized while we were at the resort.  I did manage to sneak in a couple of games of Galaga, which I always find hard to resist whenever I see one.

We returned that evening fully expecting to enjoy the nighttime beachfront scene and the resort’s planned activities.  But our music loving neighbor had other ideas.  So, I did something I hardly ever do – I complained to the management on duty.  I must not have been the only one, because about an hour later, the party atmosphere became much more subdued …

… and Punky and I huddled around the bonfire on the beach listening to the scheduled music for the evening.

Ok, so maybe the fireside acoustics were a little too mellow for most, but the fire spinner was very popular among the guests. 

All in all, Baker’s Sunset Bay Resort provided a fine backdrop for a Wisconsin weekend getaway.  I certainly can’t fault them for our noisy neighbors, and the situation was satisfactorily handled.  I wouldn’t choose Baker’s Sunset Bay Resort for a romantic couples retreat, but it works well for families looking for something other than a megaresort or a chain hotel.  If you’re looking for a little bit of the Wisconsin woods and lakeside life on your trip, give Baker’s Sunset Bay Resort your consideration.


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