Feb 7, 2022

A romantic night by the Moonrise

I’ve often posted about my fondness for unique hotels – and boutique hotels – that make where you stay at least as fun as your chosen destination.  In St. Louis, Mo., there’s just such a place that only enhances any night exploring the West End neighborhood’s bars, restaurants and music venues – the Moonrise Hotel

Wedged between the Pageant concert hall and the Pin-Up Bowl on Delmar Boulevard, the Moonrise Hotel is perfectly located for visiting the West End’s Delmar Loop area.  And, as the only hotel within several blocks of the Delmar Loop, the Moonrise stands out not only for its location (the on-site parking is certainly another plus), but its visibility from the street. 

With St. Louis just a short drive from my hometown, it’s fairly common for friends I know to plan a brief overnight getaway to the Delmar Loop section.  I have to admit, though, that I was late to the game compared to many of my friends when it comes to making the Moonrise Hotel an integral part of the trip.  But based on all their first-hand reviews, it was only a matter of time before I pulled the trigger on staying there. So, when I last planned a romantic Valentine’s weekend getaway for Punky and me, I chose the Moonrise, which was running a “can’t pass up” couple’s package special at the time.   

The décor at the Moonrise Hotel seems to me, at least, to be a curious combination of Mid-Century Modern meets outer space retro.  And the lobby is perhaps the standout example of the hotel’s theme … 

… although the rainbow stairs and tentacled chandelier are just as eye-catching.

The Moonrise Hotel is also notoriously pet-friendly.  Treats and water are readily available near the check-in.   

Speaking of check-in, our experience was a breeze, and within minutes we were headed up to our room, which was set up perfectly according to romance package I reserved.  Rose petals were neatly spread over the bed … 

… and champagne on ice along with chocolate-covered strawberries were placed bedside.  It was obvious that the timing of the room preparation was impeccable.    

Apparently, even the suggestive door signs are designed with romance in mind. 

Without going into greater detail, we took full advantage of the special amenities of our romance package, of course.  Then, after some well-deserved rest and relaxation, we got a pleasantly low-key dinner at a local pizza place across the street from our hotel.  With our bellies full and the temperatures dropping by the hour, we decided to skip a walking tour of Delmar Boulevard and instead further explore more of the Moonrise Hotel’s property.  

With its rooftop bar apparently closed for the season (let’s be honest, winter and rooftop bars rarely mix well together), we decided to try out the Eclipse Restaurant’s bar on the main floor.  And from the moment you walk in, you can tell this is not your average hotel bar.  This is a legit craft cocktail bar with highly skilled bartenders.  Their drinks take time, and they’re worth the wait.   

Whether you’re ordering a standard classic like an Old Fashioned (I had a double), one of their signature drinks from their impressive and lengthy list which rotates seasonally, or something off-menu (like Punky’s chocolate martini), you will probably enjoy every sip and walk (or stumble) away happy.  

To be fair, the Moonrise Hotel may not be for everyone, especially if all you’re looking for is a place to crash after a show or a night on the town.  More likely, you’re choosing the hotel as a destination to experience and enjoy, along with all the amenities that come with it.  As such, the Moonrise Hotel is priced accordingly.  It is also an age 21 and over-only establishment, so families will need to look elsewhere.  But for couples looking to treat themselves while in St. Louis, the Moonrise Hotel should always be on your horizon. 


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