Apr 14, 2016

Scenes from the Wurst. Wedding. Ever.

My few faithful followers have probably noticed a scarcity of blog posts in recent months (with the most recent exception of last month’s rant against crappy airline service).  The good news (depending on your point of view, I suppose) is my blogging days are far from over.  On the contrary, I’ve been hoarding ideas for future posts over the past several months.  I’ve simply been a little busy and preoccupied with planning a far more important chapter in my life.  

Yes, as evidence that one should never say never again, The April and I got married.  And, indicative of our collectively warped sense of humor -- as well as a play on our last names -- we dubbed it the Wurst Wedding Ever.

The ceremony was a small gathering of family and close friends at a place that holds a special charm for me and The April -- Danenberger Family Vineyards in rural New Berlin, Ill. Even in the early planning stages for our special day, we knew the enclosed gazebo at our favorite nearby boutique winery would be the perfect scene and size for our small ceremony.  

We were also very happy to give our good friend Susan Danenberger our business, and she was -- as always -- an excellent hostess.  

The DFV wecoming crew (aka the family’s Siberian huskies) also sat in on the party.  

Needless to say, our party had no problem drinking the required wine purchase … and then some … while we were there.  

The blushing bride went for a classically elegant look on her wedding day …call me biased, but I think she looked absolutely beautiful.

The Kiddo was just as beautiful in her complementary ensemble. She also had multiple roles in the ceremony, standing up with Mom and holding onto the rings.

And the Young Curmudgeon is a little older now.  And maybe a little less curmudgeonly.  He even cracked a smile before the ceremony where he played the part of best man.

As for our official … umm … officiant, we couldn’t think of anyone who meant more to us to perform the ceremony than Grumpy Joe.  We were honored that he went through the licensing process for us, and he was very eloquent and graceful under pressure.  He also actually looks the part, too!  And, assisting Grumpy Joe was Mrs. Grumpy, who as our wedding’s poet laureate delivered a wonderful and moving poem about the shared love The April and I have for each other.  

Here’s our first married photo together.  I have to give special thanks to one of my best and closest friends, Sue Hupp, for taking all the photos on the fly on our special day.

Time to make this official …

The Young Curmudgeon joins me at the food table ... proof that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
… now let’s eat, drink and be merry.

The party may have begun at Danenberger’s but the celebrating was largely saved for our reception later that afternoon at George Rank’s.  Ever since we first walked into the reopened Round Bar a little over a year ago, it became our favorite place to hang out, and many of our friends followed.  I’ve often said it’s the new Brewhaus, but it’s really better than that.  When you become a regular at George Rank’s, you feel like part of a large family.

The credit goes to George Rank’s current owner J.R. and his wife, Sarah.  And when we thought Ranks was the perfect place to hold our reception (heck, a lot of our friends would have been there anyway), they helped bring it all together for us.   

I wish I had more photos to share of the reception (I was admittedly a little preoccupied), but suffice to say, the place was packed …

A champagne toast is prepared.
… the drinks were flowing …

… the music by the Wolf Crick Boys and guests delivered many special moments …

… and The April looked dazzling in the black dress she wore specifically for the reception.  Now that I think about it, from this point forward I think I’ll call her by the nickname I gave her --- Punky -- for blogging purposes.  It’s really a more fitting name for her blogging persona.

Our wedding day was amazingly special and memorable in all the right ways, and we once again thank our friends and family who shared the day with us.  Punky and I are truly blessed to know so many great people.  

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