Feb 25, 2014

Things discussed at the Brewhaus, No. 19 (and scenes from a Brewhaus Sunday night)

Whenever my favorite drinking establishment in beautiful downtown Springfield, Ill., has its ups and downs – and I like to think they’re poised for another upswing with some recent improvements – you can usually count on two constants at the Brewhaus:  a reliable crew of regulars you can always have a good drink and good conversation with, and Sunday Night “Church” with Tom Irwin and his band. 

Except for a few hiccups over the years, Sunday night with Tom is about as reliable of an institution as you’ll find in Springfield.  Sure, some nights are as quiet as … well, church.  But other nights  … well, they’re memorable.  Like a recent Sunday night over Martin Luther King Jr. weekend.  A lot of people took advantage of not working Monday, and some familiar faces joined the band for a special night of great, rocking music. 

But enough of my rambling … I’ll let the pictures I took that night capture the moment.   

Tom Irwin (right) and the Raouligans, with the ever watchful presence of Raoul on the wall. 
Tom Woolsey (aka "Dooley") gets serious during his special appearance.
Owen Irwin impresses.
Who let this joker rush the stage?  Oh wait, it's just Kent Argenta!
A new group of students tries to learn the famous Kent Argenta drink balancing act.  No cupping!  Bonus pints for balancing on the top of the hand.   
Always service with a smile from the great Brewhaus bartenders!
An early evening crowd shot.
Danielle somehow puts up with us most Sunday nights.
The full band in action.
Yes, a good time was had by all.     

And before, after and in between the party atmosphere, my friends and I found time to add several notable, if not serious, discussions to our drinking resume.  Perhaps you can ponder these with your drinking buddies as well:
  • When you’re hot, you’re hot; when you’re not, you’re not – the Zen of Jerry Reed.
  • If the movie “The Shining” doesn’t put you in the Christmas spirit, nothing will.
  • How to start a good garbage fire.
  • How Peyton Manning uses the word “Omaha” in NFL play-calling.
  • Making the case for “Slaughter’s Big Rip Off” starring Jim Brown (and Ed McMahon as the villain!) as the second greatest blaxploitation film of all-time after “Shaft.”
  • Recipes for good prison wine.
  • Abraham Lincoln’s ill-conceived heel turn in professional wrestling, and why people would rather root for hillbillies. 
  • How many calories are in the average human body (e.g, the typical Donner party dinner)?
  • A comparison of air and ground water quality today compared to the pre-Environmental Protection Agency era.
  • Daffy Duck:  the early years – much zanier and less hostile.
  • The reemergence of the Rip Taylor moustache among today’s hipsters, and why an investment last year in moustache wax would have made a fortune.
  • Is it better to receive a pantless selfie or selfless panties?

Well, nobody ever claimed we would solve all the world’s problems at the bar.  But it’s always nice to ponder the perplexities in life at the Brewhaus in lovely downtown Springfield.  To paraphrase Tom’s closing to every show, I’ll take a quick break from blogging and be back next week (if not sooner).      

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