Nov 21, 2013

Things discussed at the Brewhaus: 18th edition

Just when you thought that – like the Brewhaus itself sometimes – ideas for topics of conversation at the bar were in short supply, your friends surprise you.  No, I don’t have a list of 18 things for the 18th edition, but I still found enough over the past couple of months to hopefully whet your appetite for further discussion:

  • Things that can best be described as bulbous.
  • How to use bad meatloaf as a pesticide.
  • Women who resemble Newt Gingrich … not exactly the most glamorous look. 
  • Is it better to have a disease or a surgery named after you?
  • Types of facial hair most suitable for recognizing “No Shave November.”
  • Kent Argenta's plumbing.
  • The joys of drinking Malort and experiencing its long finish for the first time – a taste best described as what you get when you soak a Band-Aid in Listerine for several hours.
  • The best cole slaw I ever ate.
  • After 70 years of existence, why it’s about time to stop censoring Yosemite Sam.
  • Where does one go to buy a cape?
  • Biology teachers who develop an unhealthy obsession with Marlon Perkins
  • The subtle yet real dangers of being caught up in a whirling dervish.
  • Was the “Whack A Mole” game inspired by the Three Stooges?
  • New reality TV show idea – roller skating with Ted Nugent.
  • Quiz:  If you purchased an 8½-foot tall Abraham Lincoln made of oak to place in your backyard, would you have a) Springfield, Illinois’ newest tourist attraction; b) the city’s most awesome lawn ornament; or c) the world’s largest Lincoln Log?

I think it’s certainly one of the more diverse lists in quite some time.  Hopefully, with my birthday approaching, we can find a way to top it.  Until next time, enjoy your Happy Hour!

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