Aug 16, 2013

Experiencing New Orleans with a Young Curmudgeon

One thing I learned on our recent trip about the Young Curmudgeon and his growing admiration for New Orleans is how he’s starting to realize there’s a story – and often a photo opportunity – around every corner.  Here are a few random examples from our three-day stay in July in the Big Easy.

I am corrupting him already.

The Young Curmudgeon has quickly developed a fascination with Bourbon Street.  I’m sure this will fade with time, but for this trip at least the blend of booze, debauchery, tacky souvenir shops and weird characters called for a stroll down Bourbon every night.

It's a thankless job saving the world from itself. 
Of course, a night of carousing on Bourbon Street can create a late-night appetite.  So, on our first night in town, I decided to educate the Young Curmudgeon on the awesomeness that is the experience of Clover Grill …

… because sometimes nothing sounds better than a big, juicy burger cooked under a hubcap to seal in all the flavor. 

With each trip, I also make progress on getting the Young Curmudgeon to try real New Orleans flavors when it comes to food. 

He finally tried his first oyster on the half shell at Acme Oyster House.  “Not bad, he said.  “I might like them better grilled.”  Baby steps.

He wasn't quite as adventurous the following night at Felix’s, although he did want to try blackened alligator, and it was one of the few places on Bourbon that had it on the menu at an affordable price.  In an unexplainable fit of healthiness, I opted for the Louisiana crab and shrimp salad.      

Way more cool than being photobombed by Nicolas Cage.
He liked having his picture photobombed by Jean Lafitte at his Blacksmith Shop.  

He loves the fact that you can find music around every corner of the French Quarter ... and he is actually learning to appreciate the vast musical gumbo that thrives in the city.   

And he never misses a chance to people watch at Café du Monde. 

Although, he had to admit the view of Jackson Square from the balcony of our hotel was much more impressive. 

And I think he was amused by the bad examples I set, from day drinking at the Spanish Plaza, near the Canal Street ferry …

Speaking of photobombs ... nice sense of humor, kid.
… to Rampart Street, across from Louis Armstrong Park (Congo Square).

That pretty much wraps up the New Orleans portion of my summer road trip with the Young Curmudgeon.  More blogs are forthcoming form that adventure, though, as well as my recent road trip with good friends to Crestone, Colo., and back.  It has been a very blog-worthy summer, and I have a lot of catching up to do.   So, keep me bookmarked, and keep coming back for fresh content.   

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