May 14, 2013

Things Discussed at the Brewhaus, Vol. 15

A cold, rainy spring has only meant more time to mull over the mundane at my favorite drinking establishment.  For proof, look no further than this sampling of topics touched upon over the last couple of months:

  • The logic behind the original street grid for Springfield, Ill.
  • The comic genius of Benny Hill and why his show would never get green-lighted in today’s politically correct environment.
  • A history of fortune cookies – an Americanized tradition
  • The joy of figs, and how they compare with dates
  • Why “Bounce House Time Machine” would be a worthy sequel to “Hot Tub Time Machine.”
  • Do mermaids have vaginas?
  • One man’s claim to fame:  Getting thrown out of a bar by Johnny Cash for inadvertently touching June.
  • China’s role in diffusing tensions with North Korea … and why the Chinese need only one aircraft carrier.
  • Skills and professions that are transferrable through the ages – prostitution, carpentry and farming (and don’t forget bar wench … hat tip to Danielle for that one!).
  • Hearing an unexpected and mournful “plop” in a port-a-potty – why you should never put your cell phone in your back pocket at a music festival.
  • The oddity of ordering a Chardonnay at a brewpub …
  • … and then adding Sweet ‘n Low to a glass of Chardonnay … really, what’s the point?
  • The 30th anniversary of Huey Lewis and the News’ landmark album “Sports”
  •  A sustainable market for “Burn In Hell” greeting cards.

One thing recent months has proven … as long as there’s liquor, there’s probably an endless supply of useless topics to be discussed while drinking.  Until our next installment, save me a bar stool that doesn't have a ripped cushion. 

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