Nov 18, 2012

A 12th Edition of Things Discussed At the Brewhaus

Sometimes great conversations starters for nights (or days) of drinking just come naturally.  Sometimes they stem from topical events of the day.  Other times, they are thrust upon you from someone’s entirely twisted imagination.  With that in mind, I dedicate this blog entry to Cory Hoedebeke, without whom many of these discussions would have never gotten off the ground. 

In recognition of the 12th edition of “Things Discusses At the Brewhaus,” here a dozen items pondered over several pints.  Ok, it’s actually ten, but one is a three-parter:

·         The difference between Bigfoot and a skunk ape
·         Legalization of drugs in Mexico
·         How to get arrested for skateboarding
·         Putting celebrity photos and sports team logos on urinal cakes – a great marketing idea and a great way to show your disdain or support for something.
·         Why nobody wears an ascot anymore – Fred from Scooby Doo ruined it for us all
·         Is “Lost” just an acid trip-inspired remake of “Gilligan’s Island?”
·         The hallucinogenic properties of Jaegermeister (this could have been on the same night as the previous topic, come to think of it)
·         Light-up menus for dark restaurants – another great marketing idea!
·         A moment of silence for Phil Hartman and his comedic genius
·         The future of deep-fried food at America’s state fairs …
o   … considering the impact of the Hostess bankruptcy;
o   … how to get the north to embrace deep-fried pickles; and
o   … the viability of deep-fried pulled pork

Twelve blog entries and still going strong. Stay tuned for more mindless topics to come.  

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