Aug 7, 2012

A perfect 10th edition of Things Discussed At The Brewhaus

While I await the technical capabilities to do more complicated blogging, here’s the tenth and most recent offering of topics that have been hotly debated – or at least somewhat mulled over – during the consumption of our favorite beverages:

  • Ernest Borgnine’s masturbation habits as the key to his longevity
  • the world’s unfunniest comedians (e.g., Gilbert Gottfried)
  • the price of corn futures
  • what the Mayans really had in mind when they ended their calendar in 2012 – did they just not select a large enough stone surface?
  • the disappointment surrounding the fact that the soft drink Tab is no longer available, except in Jewish markets
  • how an Amtrak train disposes of sewage, and why you really don’t want to walk along the tracks
  • Christmas songs that should have never been recorded
  • why sugary drinks are more likely to cause hangovers
  • the meaning behind the Hollies’ song “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother”
  • would licking the Brewhaus carpet be a suitable challenge for the TV show “Fear Factor”?    

Ten topics for a tenth edition – all of which were actually discussed at the bar famous for having the grungiest carpet in downtown Springfield, Ill.  But, really, it only adds to the charm of the place.  I can only imagine what will the topics for the next edition will be about.  And I bet I won’t have to imagine too long.    

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