Jun 21, 2012

Things Discussed at the Brewhaus, No. 9

Have you ever looked across the table at your fellow barflies and wondered what you were going to talk about next? Well, at the Brewhaus we never seem to have that problem. But if you do, here is a list of topics recently pondered over many a basket of burnt popcorn:

  • Boxing’s heyday in the 1970s
  • How does one become a muse, and how well does it pay?
  • The genetic relationship between alpacas, llamas and camels
  • Knowing your lentils from your legumes (and beans)
  • Dangling your participles – why it’s never a good idea
  • True romance – sharing a pitcher of Brewhaus’ signature “Fred” drink
  • Funyuns
  • Men who love Charles Nelson Reilly and women who want to be him
  • Strawberry mojitos with fresh fruit and mint – the latest health drink
  • When is half off really “half off” at a clothing-optional hotel in Key West, Fla.?
Hopefully one of these subjects will spur some creative conversation. If so, you’ve been adequately forewarned …Look for another list sooner, or later. .    

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