May 21, 2012

An eighth edition of things discussed at the Brewhaus

It’s been an unusually busy time for me and my partners at pontification at our favorite watering hole.  Here are some recent topics of discussion:

  1. Charging your bar tab on your rewards card – another reason why it pays to drink.
  2. Yogi Berra:  dead or alive?  (Editor’s note:  Upon learning Yogi Berra was, in fact, alive, the topic evolved to why Yogi Berra needs a website providing his status to his fans, like Abe Vigoda.)
  3. Knowing the difference between a shrew and a mole. 
  4. Concubines or paramours, which are more desirable?
  5. The location of the gas pedal on a car if you’re driving in Europe.
  6. To whoever donated the urinal cake to the Brewhaus bathroom – why not splurge for two?
  7. The physics of cooking with a Chinese hot plate.
  8. Women who love Charlie Rich, and men who want to be him. 
  9. Why Batman is so much cooler than Superman.
  10. How much should Facebook stock be valued at?
I could go on, but why not save some for the next edition?  In the meantime, I have a couple more blogs related to my recent Memphis trip and other randomness coming soon.

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