Apr 8, 2012

A lucky seventh edition of things discussed at the Brewhaus

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a new blog entry.  Part of that is due to trying to cut back on my spending; part if simply due to inactivity.  There’s nothing wrong with doing nothing, I suppose. 

Anyway, one thing I will always struggle to cut back on is the time spent at my favorite watering hole, which provides plenty of fodder for pointless discussion.  It is a great excuse to wet the whistle, though.  Here are some of the more memorable conversations I’ve had the good fortune to be involved in from the past few weeks:

  • Categories of dessert – pies, cakes, pastries, chilled desserts and miscellaneous
  • Why smoking pot at work can help your productivity
  • How old is too old to spay a dog?
  • American presidents who died on July 4
  • “Can’t miss” highlights of driving the Florida Keys
  • The history of bourbon
  • Midgets and penis size
  • Similarities between the art of making earrings and crafting fishing lures
  • Mickey Rooney’s eight marriages
  • From Good Samaritan to jail time – why it doesn’t pay to do the right thing
  • The difference between a quandary, a conundrum and a dilemma
  • The sad life of a Cub fan – why they’re praying for a work stoppage by April 6.
OK, that last one is a lot about me.  Guilty as charged.  It’s going to be a long season.
    The next Beale Street Music Festival is still a few weeks away, but I’ll try to find some other good blogworthy subjects before then.  Until next time, I hope your barroom discussions are always as entertaining as mine.

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