Dec 22, 2011

Things Discussed at the Brewhaus, Episode IV: A New Hope

We interrupt our regularly scheduled series of New Orleans blogs for a new list of fascinating and thought-provoking subjects discussed within the past few weeks at my favorite watering hole: 

  • Circumcisions
  • Why nobody wears a cape anymore?  Or a serape either? 
  • Are woodchucks, groundhogs and marmots the same thing?
  • How to properly reheat fish tacos
  • Dean Martin celebrity roasts (and why they’re so much better than the current series of roasts on Comedy Central)
  • Pumas versus cougars versus sabretooths
  • Was Biz Markie the worst singer to ever have a hit single (even though it’s a good song)?
  • Why Stag should be considered a health drink
  • Would a vibrator make a good drink mixer?
  • Why you can’t drink all day unless you start in the morning
  • If elected, would Newt Gingrich be our fattest president since Taft?  Or at least since before Clinton lost weight? 
  • Having sex with fruit (and trading up in the process)
Next time, we return to our regularly scheduled New Orleans birthday pub crawl blog …  

1 comment:

OhNoJoe said...

You can’t drink all day unless you start in the morning, however, you can't be drunk all day uless you start the night before.

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