Sep 20, 2011

Things discussed at the Brewhaus, Vol. 3

Gather around, fellow conversationalists, barstool philosophers and bullsh*t artists, as we review the latest list of topics recently discussed at my favorite watering hole: 

·         Male tramp stamps
·         Proper acoustics for outdoor music festivals
·         The connection between modern agriculture techniques and the increase in humidity in Illinois
·         When is a pie really a cobbler (or a compote)?
·         Sushi
·         Famous Freds
·         Curing insomnia through the music of Gordon Lightfoot
·         Naked pictures of Helen Mirren
·         Who was Soy Bomb and why did he interrupt the Grammy Awards?
·         The dying breed of knuckleball pitchers in Major League Baseball

Stay tuned … with colder months coming, there will certainly be ample opportunity for future discussions that will no doubt capture the imaginations of countless people … or at least the regulars sitting at the first two round tables past the booths. 

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