May 8, 2011

More things discussed at the Brewhaus

OK, this is not-so-recent picture, but it's one of my favorites from my 40th birthday party with two of my favorite people -- Sue and Terry Hupp. 

It’s the blog sequel nobody demanded.  Here’s another list of the odd, obscure and unusual topics bantered about recently at my favorite bar:

·         Know your New Orleans neighborhoods
·         Big Bird:  Gay or just flamboyant?
·         Outrunning Ron Santo in his prime, while carrying a canoe over your head
·         Vegetarian smokers
·         7 Deadly Sins as represented by the characters on Gilligan’s Island
·         Magic tricks performed at weddings
·         Bismarks … and Biz Markie
·         Was Jesus the first vampire?
·         The origins of the Maxwell House coffee and Morton salt slogans
·         Diffusion vs. osmosis
·         How to light popcorn on fire
·         Whatever happened to the clip-on tie?

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