Apr 14, 2011

Things discussed at the Brewhaus

Probably everyone who enjoys an occasional libation has a place where, as the TV theme song says, “everybody knows your name.” 

Photos of Brewhaus, Springfield
This photo of Brewhaus is courtesy of TripAdvisor

You know the bar.  It may not be the neatest, newest or best smelling bar in town.  The TVs hanging from the ceiling may be horribly outdated of simply no longer operational.  The popcorn may taste and smell like burnt fish oil.  Your feet may stick to the carpet. 

Photos of Brewhaus, Springfield
This photo of Brewhaus is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Yet, for some reason the drinks taste better there.  The bartenders and waitresses are friendly and knowledgeable (they take time to get to know you … and your favorite drinks!).  And, no matter when you go, you’re going to run into a table of friends. 

And sometimes Gypsies ... :-)
For all those reasons and more, Brewhaus is my bar of choice.  The drinks are affordable, the beer selection is unsurpassed in Springfield, and the bar is among the best-stocked in town.  There’s never a cover.  And the company is always good. 

Even this guy ... Kent ArgentAAAA!!
Then there’s Sunday nights, which we frequent patrons like to call “church.”  For more than 1,000 Sundays since the bar opened, “Reverend” Tom Irwin and various incarnations of his band have presided.
Photos of Brewhaus, Springfield
This photo of Brewhaus is courtesy of TripAdvisor

One of the great characteristics of a bar like this, and the people who frequent it, is the lively discussions that can break out on a whim.  So, at the personal request of my friend, neighbor and fellow Brewhaus patron OhNoJoe, I’ve decided to record some of my best remembered topics:     
  • Purse hooks
  • Anal waxing
  • Anal bleaching
  • George Washington, hemp farmer
  • How to properly operate a forklift
  • The location of the Mason-Dixon line
  • Cooking hotdogs over a Bunsen burner
  • Suffering from elephant toe
  • The Kentucky bourbon trail
  • The difference between a dwarf and a midget
  • Ankle or knee flab?
  • A comparison of public transit in Chicago vs. New York City
  • Tort reform in the Middle Ages
  • Sammy Davis Jr.’s glass eye
  • Was Shoeless Joe Jackson guilty in the Black Sox scandal?

No doubt, there will be many more useful and life-changing conversations to come … as I often say, sooner or later, it all comes back to the Brewhaus.

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Anonymous said...

Love it, JayDub. be sure to cover more about anal waxing and bleaching in another post. SC

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